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What is a prophecy?

There are numerous thoughts and ideas of what a prophecy is. Merriam-Webster gives this definition:

  1. an inspired utterance of a prophet
  2. the function or vocation of a prophet
    specifically: the inspired declaration of divine will and purpose
  3. a prediction of something to come

This Web Site covers prophecies that fall under the third definition, "a prediction of something to come." Of course most these prophecies have already occurred, but when they were written they were "predictions of something to come."

The word prediction, however, is a tenuous word to use for biblical prophecies. With biblical prophecies, the word "prediction" can be eliminated. As you'll be able to see with the sections of this document that cover prophecies that have occurred, biblical prophecies aren't predictions; they are descriptions of events, most have taken place; others haven't -- yet.

It is commonly estimated that over 1/3 of the Bible is prophecy. Most sources state that over 300 of them have been fulfilled.

All the Bible quotes in this Web Site are from the New King James Version of the Bible.

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