Bible Prophecy

Jesus' Death

There are 29 Bible prophecies concerning Jesus' Death. These prophesies were written from 1440 to 586 BC. They all ocurred in one day -- the day Christ was crucified.

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  • Jesus will be betrayed by a friend
  • Jesus betrayed for 30 pieces of silver
  • Money thrown down in the house of the Lord
  • Forsaken by His disciples
  • Accused by false witnesses
  • The Messiah becomes mute before His accusers
  • Wounded and bruised

page 2

  • Struck and spat upon
  • Jesus is Mocked
  • The Messiah is scorned
  • Jesus becomes too weak to carry the cross
  • Hands and feet pierced
  • Crucified with thieves
  • Made intercession for His persecutors
  • Rejected by his own people
  • Hated without a cause

page 3

  • Friends stood afar off
  • People shook their heads
  • Stared at
  • Divided garments and lots cast for them
  • When thirsty Christ was given vinegar mingled with gall to drink

page 4

  • His forsaken cry
  • His bones not broken
  • His heart broken
  • His side pierced
  • Darkness over the land
  • The Messiah cried, "Into your hands I commit my Spirit"
  • The Messiah is forsaken
  • Buried in a rich man's tomb
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