Bible Prophecy

Jesus' Ministry

This section is 4 pages long. Below you'll find the prophecies listed and the pages they appear on. Each page has a direct link.

page 1

  • Christ's ministry will destroy the devil's work
  • Jesus' life and ministry will be sinless
  • Jesus made a little lower than the angels and crowned with glory and honor
  • Jesus becomes our sacrifice
  • Jesus preaches righteousness
  • Jesus teaches in parables

page 2

  • The Messiah becomes a stumbling stone and a rock of offense
  • Jesus' ministry begins in Galilee
  • The Gentiles will seek Jesus
  • Jesus heals the deaf, the blind, the mute and cleanses lepers
  • Jesus is proclaimed by the voice of one crying in the wilderness

page 3

  • Christ's predecessor will come in the spirit of Elijah
  • Jesus redeems the Gentiles
  • Jesus is despised and rejected
  • Jesus preaches the gospel to the poor, heals the broken hearted and sets the captives free
  • The Messiah will have an everlasting kingdom
  • The Messiah brings an end to sin

page 4

  • Jerusalem rejoices as the Messiah arrives on a donkey
  • The Messiah conquered death
  • The Messiah makes a new covenant
  • Christ ascends to heaven and distributes gifts

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