Bible Prophecy

Prophecies That Have Come True

This section is 8 pages long. Below you'll find the prophecies listed and the pages they appear on. Each page has a direct link.

page 1

  • Babylon rules over Judah for 70 years
  • Babylon's gates open for Cyrus
  • Babylon's kingdom is permanently overthrown
  • Babylon reduced to ruins

page 2

  • God rescues the Jews from Babylonian rule and brings them to safety
  • In their final hours the Ninevites will be drunk
  • Ninevah destroyed by fire
  • Tyre attacked by many nations
  • Tyre's stones, timber and soil thrown into the sea
  • Edom will be destroyed
  • Israel will be scattered

page 3

  • Israel will be scattered (continued)
  • Israel will be victorious over its enemies
  • Israel will be rebuilt
  • Prosperity promised to Israel
  • Trees again grow in Israel
  • Israel's fruit fills the world

page 4

  • Egypt will not rule over other nations
  • The Jews return to Jerusalem
  • Israel's deserts become like the Garden of Eden
  • Massive number of Jews would return to Israel
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